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What is?


Custom keyboard is a keyboard that permits to write more quickly a lot of characters.

Attention: It is valid for virtual and physical keyboards (real). If you have a physical keyboard in your mobile with "Custom keyboard" you can write faster too.

  • Some characters per key with a simple gesture over the key
  • Change of keyboard whit a global gesture
  • Smileys keyboards
  • Voice recognition, with actived option to keep it listening until you cancel (Android 2.2 or higher)
  • Special characters for physical keyboards (Spanish, French, German, Italian, ...)

Main screen


Custom keyboard contains an application to help us to configurate the keyboard. It will show the steps we have to do to activate it and can use it in any application of our Android mobile.

Step 1: Activation


The first thing is to activate the keyboard. We will have to press the "Activate" button in the main screen of the application and will access to the settings menu of Android. There we will search "Custom keyboard" and we will activate it.

When we press over the custom keyboard option to activate it will appear a popup wich ask if we are sure to activate ir because it can be dangerous. Custom keyboard is totally secure and it can be proved with the permissions of the apllication that are only audio record and dictionary uses permissions. Don't record anything and It couldn't do anything with the data because it doesn't have internet permission.

Step 2: Selecting the keyboard


If we press on the edit box it will appear the default keyboard and we want to use "Custom keybord" for any application. For that we keep pressed the edit box with the finger until a popup appears and we select "Input Method".

It will appear a list with all the keyboards we have activated. If we did correctly the first step we should see the "Custom Keyboard" in the list, then we select it.

Once time it is activated and selected when we press on a edit box "Custom keyboard" will appear and we will enjoy it in any application. Attention: This step can do it in any edit box of any application.

Configuration screen


Custom keyboard can be as custom as you want. From this screen you can assign a value for each key you want for it and for any gesture on the key, creating a totally different keyboard. Press on the key you want to configure.

A popup will appear with the key configuration:

  • Diagonal gesture: writes the character you assign
  • Up gesture: writes upper case
  • Down gesture: writes lowercase
  • Double tap: changes a key pressed twice to the character assigned. For example: dd = $
  • Associated word: writes the word saved for this key. For example: h = Hello

Configuration screen: extras


There are more configurations:

  • Custom keys visible: It shows the characters assigned to each key in their corners
  • To show dictionary words: It shows suggerences while you write that can select
  • To update dictionary automatically: Each word you write will be saved in the user dictionary of your Android
  • First letter upper: If you like to start with Upper case the sentences.
  • Accents for physical keyboard: It permits to add accents more easily pressing the accent before the vowel, it works for virtual and physical keyboards

Configuration screen: Sensitivity


You can configure the sensitivity of your gestures to adpat them to you.





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